Our summer



« Dedicated to the people who have done it .»

Cheryl , in ” The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Many have asked these days where we would go on vacation and what we would do .
The holidays , for the Brothers of our Lodge , are a way to rethink , to meditate deeply on each one abilities and limitations in comparison with one’s self . This is what we intend for holidays and , regarding the destinations , it is not us who choose them , but them who call us as in that particular place or in that given time, where we feel and we know that we can continue our interior path. We want to live the Summer as a spiritual pilgrimage and with great enthusiasm.

A bit ‘ as Christopher McCandless used to write, better known by his stage name Alex Supertramp whom we consider to be a Brother without a membership:

For two years he has been walking around the world . No phone, no pool , no pets, no cigarettes . The ultimate freedom. An extremist. An esthete traveler whose home is the road . He escaped from Atlanta. Where He will never have to go back because “the West is the best”. And now , after two years wandering around, here comes the big final adventure . The climactic battle to kill the false being within him and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage. Ten days and ten nights of freight trains and hitchhiking took him to the great white North . To never to be poisoned again by civilization , he flees , and walks alone on earth to get lost into the forest .

As summarizes Walter Mitty , a character whom we also consider to be a Brother without a membership, life is facing the unknown .

And there is no bigger unknown than ourselves .

So , without any further delay, we decided to show you what our Summer will be like. Enjoy the show! Let’s hang up the phone, turn off the video camera and go skateboarding, like the good Walter , in the esoteric Iceland.